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released January 29, 2011



all rights reserved


Cherry But No Cake London, Ohio

Cherry but no cake is a band from London.
Yann : Drums
Dom : Bass/vox
Chris : Guitar/vox

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Track Name: A friend of badship
Pardon me, if I question
behind the scene, your motivations...our discrepancies
But there's a riddle haunting me
"How come your jokes and my laughter don't match?"
"Where is the drift that I'm trying to catch for you?..."

The pleasures of hating, inflated with your common sense
Defeated when we seized our chance

So allow me a little credit, a fleeting trust
A friend of badship, now that you must!
I'd sweat a puddle cos I'm raving heat...
Track Name: On the other side
There was no restrain, my feelings never wane
You pulled the trigger twice
Yet, I took you back again
I don't care about what people say, it feels just like it should
I can't make you mine for long
Hell! I just wish I fucking could

What makes you think it's ok to fuck around with me?

I know the string will snap any minute now
Maybe i could fix it if you're willing to show me how
Oh! No! Your demons are back...
Oh! No! They must have somehow followed your tracks

What makes you think it's ok to fuck around with me?
Track Name: Kind of thoughts
Peeling my skin off and cage the sun
These are the kind of thoughts my mind goes through,
Every time I lay my lazy eye on you.
Temper with a dreadful past and wave to the norm
These are the kind of thoughts she manufactures
I feel like a little kid seeking out hidden treasures
There's a thing or two I'd come to miss
But I could have died happy right after our first kiss

"Did you expect me to suck? You're right on..."
"Did you expect me to sulk? You're right on..."
"Did you expect me to flop?"
The list goes on and on and on...

Messing around all winter would send my spine a quiver
I could wait another hundred trips before I get the chance to kiss your lower lips
I'm always happy to smile at your request,
Although everyone knows that's not what I do best.
Track Name: Setback
"Waiting by the traffic left me nauseous and a film on my face
The vulgar needless ideas closed in like ugly sailors around the victim
As she cowered by their feet what was open fields became owned by the city, and its roads and buildings and vicious
Some people display their longing in the way they walk whilst other whine in their sleep
And I notice having the freedom to think is actually having the freedom to not think about anything at all."

I just needed a minute to think but not to cough my lungs out
It all seems like a setback to me and I must figure this out
Was there a guiding hand amongst those I have shaken?
I'll disregard the banter, but the let downs won't be forgotten

"The leaks have started over the past few years and I turned so mean
The 4 or 5 nights a week have paid off and I've dried out, which is good
And having to deal with other people and their problem is by far the worst thing about this life
Because the world is full of them and I just can't hack at such a long line
I'd rather hope and let them drown in their own noise
While I'm looking across open fields and plains thinking of something else, always thinking of something else..."

I'm sorry I spoke when I shouldn't but I had something in mind
I can't bear the silence in here and I wish you'd give me a sign
You're self righteous and I am about to collapse, so I'll have to comply
Standing in that shadow of yours I keep missing my line
Track Name: Disposable language
Why do you care about my lifestyle?
(Tell me) what do you see through your judges eyes?
I wish we could patch up burning the wires,
But you let us down and now you're passing by

What would it take?
To stir shit up or to forget...
You know I'm on fire, you have the goods, I have desire
What do I care if you're the brightest one?
Track Name: Brain dead
I'll never change
I'm an idiot with a brain, dead!
It'd feel so right at times..

Oh! I'll miss you good sense
Good bye.
Track Name: Hatchets to bury
Time's providing food for thoughts, and it's time that looks into my soul
What do you know? What do you say? When tomorrow feels like yesterday.
Ageing models, we have oodles and pain is rife
Running away on the best day of my life

With a will that strong,
How can I be wrong?

A ghastly scene with made up themes and underhanded dreams
I have hatchets to bury, better hurry now...
Flexible morals, they have oodles and pain is rife
And I'm running away on the best day of my life...

With a will that strong,
How can I be wrong? wrong...
Track Name: Fire
When my head hit the ground, it made a hollow sound
I'm prone to be the only culprit, for not being part of your elite

Fire! Fire! Fire!

When everything breaks loose, here come a time to choose
How to know when to fake it?
I may just have to steal the merit.
Track Name: I have nothing I am everything
Stop crying, you have everything
An arm, a leg, a brain, a heart that i use when mine's down
Stop crying, you have everything
That portrayal of mankind is so crude...
i hear your mouth moving, could you shut it up?

You're such a silly girl, but you have more than you should
I'd take it all away from you, only, only if I could!

What if I needed a change?
What if your thoughts made me feel strange?
Would you care about me? Would you care about me?
What if neither of us is wrong?
What if we just don't get along?
Would you care about me? Would you care about me?